What Gamers Actually Feel about the New Final Fantasy VII for PS4

This weekend, during Sony’s press conference, Square Enix, the video game developer responsible some of the most coveted games including the Final Fantasy series, Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts action series, to name a few, announced the release of Final Fantasy VII, which will be available for the PS4. After 18 years and three PlayStations, this well-loved game is finally getting a new version, although it will initially be available on the PS4.


We’ve scanned the internet for some feedback on how hardcore gamers actually feel about this news. There were pretty much differing opinions about it.

For one, not many people are enthusiastic about the new Final Fantasy installment not being in HD, which is what a lot of fans have been anticipating on. Some seasoned gamers think it’s just a port of the 2012 PC version of the game, which supported higher resolutions, but wasn’t exactly a more exciting version of the original game released in 1997.

Final Fantasy

Players are expecting the Final Fantasy 7 PS4 edition to have trophies as incentives to allow them to replay it over and over. a character booster may also be offered if it will based on the PC re-release of the game. This will let players boost their magic points, money and hit points to maximum. Hence, many say that it’s going to be typically the same game everyone has played more than a dozen times. The only difference everyone can expect is that it will run on the beloved PS4.

While there were some who aren’t exactly that excited about the release of the Final Fantasy 7, there are others who couldn’t wait to finally play it. In fact, many of them have been clamoring for this remake for a long time and have always called on Square Enix for trying to dodge questions and give excuses whenever asked when it’s going to happen.

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