How to Maximize the Battery Life of Your Android Phone

Smartphone batteries don’t go for lengthy periods of time. After considerable use, their battery life gets shorter as the days go by. Those fancy games and luscious AMOLED and LCD screens are a number one cause of battery drain, but there are some things you can do to make your android phone last longer. Check these tips out:

  1. Know your battery

Most smartphones have Lithium Polymer battery or Lithium Ion battery. Both do not have a memory, so you do not have to fully charge or discharge them at first use. Partially charging won’t cause them harm. As a matter fact, because both batteries suffer from low voltage problems, they are better left partially charged.


  1. Use dark-colored wallpaper

Light wallpaper consumes more energy than dark-colored background, especially if you have an AMOLED screen, this is because the latter only illuminates colored pixels. This means that the more dark pixels your wallpaper has, the less power is needed to light them.

  1. Install Doze

Marshmallow has helped Android users save their juice for the things that matters, and recently it made some operating system update that will give our phones better battery life – the Doze.

This new feature will put your android to a pleasant nap when it is idle. What makes it different from other apps is that there is no switches you need to toggle in order to activate. Doze will automatically work once it has noticed that your phone is sitting idly.


  1. Turn off vibrate and haptic feedback

Unless you really need to be alerted every time someone sends you a message or make a call, you really don’t need vibration alerts. Vibrating your phone takes more power than ringing it, so just try maxing the volume instead.

Aside from the vibration alert, also consider turning off your phone’s haptic feedback. It’s that buzz you get from typing on the keyboard, and it consumes a lot of energy.

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