What the TV Will Be Like in the Future

With mind-blowing TVs presented during CES 2015 in Las Vegas by big names, such as Samsung, Philips, Sony and LG, it is apparent that TV is no longer just TV. There are far more upgrades than most consumers imagine and sizes have extended up to 150 inches. Yes, they’re just getting bigger and bigger. So what will the TV be like in the future?

Everything will be equal

With TV shows being shown in IMAX theaters, which are basically TV content on the big screen, it is apparent that difference in platforms may not matter anymore. Quality of movies made for television is also overlapping, which further blurs the line between the TV and the big screen.


More than just TV

Digital content used to be just an added feature, an extra that some televisions can enjoy, what with its compatible features. These days, however, such content has now become part of the process. Built-in Wi-Fi and other forms of connectivity will soon become the norm in TV.

Improved Quality

Most of the televisions presented during the electronics show boast of 4K HD resolution, with Samsung taking it a step further with their SUHD TV. It seems 4K is catching on, and it should become an integral part of a TV system. After all, consumers would want an incomparable TV viewing experience when watching their favorite shows on a wide screen. This means resolution in a 105-inch TV must be as excellent as on other smaller displays.


Second Screen Era

Newer TVs are now capable of receiving inputs from mobile devices, such as tablets and laptops. So it won’t be long before the wide-screen television would be just the second screen that consumers use. While this is still in conceptual stage, experts believe that this feature can be game changer. Are you ready to buy the latest TV and enjoy a better viewing experience?