How to keep your emails safe and professional

In just a few shorts years, internet technology has changed our professional lives and there is no going back.

The benefits are vast: to name just a few, we communicate much faster and the Internet has made professional life more flexible, enabling remote working, for example.

Safe Emails

Safe Emails

The downside is that with the growth of the internet, the security of our digital data is under increasing threat from the likes of hackers.

With so much confidential information being sent and received by email for professional and governmental purposes, the need for secure email providers has increased too.

Security first

Top providers such as Mimecast operate an email secure server which works through encryptions. Allowing access to email from anywhere in the world, it offers unlimited size attachments which is vital for most companies and the aforementioned encryption, which ensures email safety through use of coding. This means that sensitive and personal communication will not be received by unintended parties.

Additional benefits

Virus and spam filtering are also key features of the service, which are a must for any business dealing with large email volumes. How much time do you spend dealing with spam? Probably much more than you’d like.

Another attractive feature is the ability to revoke both delivered and undelivered messages, providing peace of mind if you have pressed the ‘send’ button before doing a spell check. Additionally, in order to maximise the email storage capacity, a secure email provider can set message expiry dates so that your account is clutter-free.

Conveying a professional image

Like it or not, a huge part of any company marketing is its image. This elusive quality is hard to define but easy to identify as a customer.

Your premises, your appearance, how web savvy you are and even how you shake someone’s hand can create a professional image which is either favourable or unfavourable. Your image can affect how much confidence a potential customer has in you; even something as simple as an email address can be the deal breaker as to whether they choose you or a competitor.

Particularly for small businesses or businesses run from home, do you have an email address which is tailored to your company name? If someone calls themselves a professional, it should be a given that the correspondence address reflects this in some way. An email provider can create a bespoke email address carrying your company name, which goes a long way to strengthening your professional image.


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