Here’s Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Website in 2014

In the modern multimedia world, having a website that functions on any device your site visitors are using is no longer optional. Industry experts are tipping that over the next twelve months, the number of people using mobile devices to access websites is going to continue to grow to the point whereby they will overtake their desktop and laptop counterparts. Read on to find out why if you’re website is not mobile friendly, it may get left behind.

You’re Missing Out On Local Search Options

People who use their mobile to search for information online are more likely to be trying to find specific products or service providers close to them. If your site – and SEO – haven’t been optimised for mobile users you may be missing out on big business opportunities right on your doorstep.

People Will Leave Your Site If They Can’t Find What They’re Looking For

Traditional websites just don’t work well on mobile devices. They load slowly, it is difficult to find information and many of the functionalities are limited. Your potential customers are not going to persevere with your site if it isn’t mobile friendly, they will however keep looking elsewhere for the information or services they need.

Mobile friendly websites

Mobile friendly websites

Search Engines Love Mobile Sites

Websites that work well and address users’ needs are the ones that rank highly in organic searches. If Google, Bing or another search engine thinks that your site isn’t helpful to the people who land on it, it may push you further down the list when people are looking for information.

Mobile Users Are Likely To Commit To A Purchase

According to some of the world’s biggest ecommerce companies, over 50% of their sales are made from mobile devices. Mobile users also tend to use their smartphone to research big ticket items, including doing price comparisons and checking reviews before making their purchasing decision.

You’re Future Proofing Your Business

Think your target audience aren’t really the “type” to be using smart phones and tablets? Even if that is the case right now, it won’t be for long. Earlier this year, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer admitted that the corporation was slow to incorporate mobile into their marketing and advertising strategy and were now paying the price.

You Should Also Have a Mobile Marketing Plan

Making the most of mobile marketing potential is more than just having a mobile friendly website. If you’re not sure how to incorporate mobile into your digital strategy, consider engaging an agency like 4040 Creative This ensures that you’re making the most of the new opportunities your mobile site will offer you.

Failing to have a mobile friendly site may mean that you’re sending your target customers to the competition and losing valuable conversion opportunities. Upgrading your site to a responsive or mobile friendly design doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated, but it does need to be seriously considered.

Do you have a mobile friendly website for your business?

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