Xiaomi works on two new smart fridges

Xiaomi has always stood out not only for its smartphones but also for an endless series of high-tech gadgets of all kinds. Recently, the Chinese manufacturer unveiled its Xiaomi Yunmi 450L smart fridge that could soon be joined by two more new models. According to “Bluetooth SIG”, the non-profit organization that deals with certifying all devices with Bluetooth connectivity, the Chinese manufacturer is working on the new Xiaomi Mi Bottom Refrigerator and Xiaomi Mi 3-Door Refrigerator models.

According to the source, these products would have Bluetooth 4.2 / 5.0 connectivity and WiFi connectivity. The source does not mention other details except that the two smart refrigerators will also be differentiated for the overall internal capacity. The production of these smart products will be entrusted to Foshan Xiaoxian Connected Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. It is difficult to understand now what the other smart functions of these products could be.

However, Xiaomi has already shown that it is able to create smart products for the home that can all fit within the same ecosystem. It would not be strange if these products could become the hub for managing all smart home appliances.

Do not notice the timing of presentation and especially if these interesting products can ever arrive in Europe where they could have a certain appeal among the people most attentive to innovative technologies.