Xiaomi, gaming chair dedicated to the world of e-sports

Xiaomi has launched a very special gaming chair designed to replicate the sensations experienced on a sports car.

Xiaomi is a very active brand known for churning out gadgets of all kinds. Although the company specializes above all in its smartphones, it actually develops and produces everything.

Among his latest gadgets is the brand new gaming chair called “AutoFull Gaming Chair”. This is a particular product designed for e-sports. The leather armchair is inspired by the design of sports car seats. This particular design, combined with a particular attention to the realization of the lumbar support, should guarantee an adequate back support and a good comfort even during long hours of use.

The chair is characterized by a high density padding which ensures a comfortable and soft sitting sensation. The backrest can be adjusted in the same way as you do on the seats of real sports cars. The height can also be changed.

A product, therefore, designed for lovers of sports competitions on computers and who spend long hours playing it.

This interesting gaming chair from Xiaomi is already on sale in China in blue, yellow and gray colors. The price is 979 yuan, ie around 130 euros. It is not clear if this product could ever arrive in Europe or if it will be necessary to go through online stores that deal with import material.

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