The folding surface could support Android apps

The double-screen Surface that Microsoft is working on could have support for Android apps.

Microsoft is working on an innovative Surface (code-named Centaurus) with a double folding screen. A definitely interesting device that could come to light towards the end of the year. According to a new Forbes report, this device could be much more interesting than you think. The source, in addition to telling some of the technical specifications, shares a rather staggering detail, namely that the Surface with dual screen could support Android apps.

Going into the details of what has been told, this Surface should have a dual 9-inch display with a 4: 3 aspect ratio. The beating heart should be the Intel Lakefield processor with a 10 nm manufacturing process. Being a device designed for mobility, it should be “always connected through” and therefore should have LTE or 5G connectivity.

Windows 10 should not be the operating system but the Windows Core OS with the UI optimized for devices with a dual display has been talked about several times. The most interesting aspect, as mentioned, should be support for Android apps. In addition, it should manage iCloud services in Windows 10. This Surface should debut on the market by the first quarter of 2020.

What has been revealed has also been confirmed by other sources. A very interesting product that could launch a new category of devices. Certainly over the next few months we will understand more about this project.

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