Sony FES Watch U even more exclusive

Sony wants to make its FES Watch U even more exclusive with the help of the best creative talents.

Sony wants to make its FES Watch U even more exclusive. For this reason, the company has signed an agreement with Hunger Magazine, a six-monthly magazine dedicated to a lifestyle, fashion, music and art, founded by photographer Rankin. The watch of this particular collaboration is to bring together a leading figure in fashion and design from Europe to create a series of exclusive designs that are loaded with a simple gesture on FES Watch, the fashion watch by Sony. In fact, using the e-Paper technology, FES Watch U diodes the fantasy of the clock through the FES Closet app.

The talents selected by Sony and Hunger Magazine for this collaboration are FreddieMade (United Kingdom), Erika Astrid (Germany), Pablo Thecuadro (Spain), Rebecca Coltorti (Italy) and Everybody Other (France): to the collection, in line with the own personal style.

Rebecca Coltorti is an Italian illustrator specializing in mixed media, with a training halfway between art and graphics. His passion for traditional techniques – such as collage, drawing and painting – combined with digital techniques gives life to unique, bold and captivating works.

FES Watch U was awarded at the iF DESIGN AWARD 2018 and at the Good Design Award 2017 in Japan. The FES Watch is available in the United Kingdom and in Italy, France, Germany and Spain.

It is a wearable that uses a flexible technology, called e-Paper, which allows you to customize the design of both the dial and the strap to match it with your style, personalization and giving life to really exclusive stylistic things.