Reasons why two way radios still remain a vital gadget today

The world is experiencing rapid technological advancements especially in the communication industry where mobile phones play a predominant role. However, despite the technological advancements, two way radios have remained virtually unchanged and are still very useful communication gadgets for millions of people.

The two way radio also known as a walky-talky or handy-talky is a gadget that has the ability to send and receive radio signals. Its transmitter is activated by a push talk button and you can also listen to someone on the other end of the two way radio simply by pushing the PPT button on the gadget. Despite its archaic existence, the two way radio is still a vital and sophisticated gadget of communication mainly due to the following reasons;



It is a simple and an uncomplicated communication device

There is no need for experience or extensive training in order to master its processes. The main process involved during communication is simply pushing and releasing the PPT button. Therefore, it is a very useful communication gadget even for people who are not tech savvy. Conversations are easily started by providing matching frequencies for the two way radios.

Instant and spontaneous communication

Two way radios provide instant communication between the person transmitting the signal and the person receiving it. Owing to its unique set up, the gadget is not only efficient but also quick in the delivery of messages. This unique and efficient technology assures users of immediate message delivery. This is the main reason why emergency response units such as the military and police prefer using two way radios for communication especially during emergency operations.

Ability to send information to a wider range audience

The person transmitting information through a two way radio from two way radio shop can easily address a widely scattered audience at the same time. Therefore, the two way radio enables users to talk to as many people as possible at a negligible cost. However, this is not the case when it comes to using cellular devices. Besides being very costly the people you can address at the same time using a cell phone is also limited. This has proven to be quite beneficial to the business world especially when there is need to relay an important message to a group of people at the same time.



They can work without electricity and network coverage

Two way radios can function effectively even without electricity. On the other hand they do not rely on cellular towers and telephone lines to work. Therefore, they come in handy when the cellular towers malfunction and also when there is a power failure. In such a scenario, this gadget may be the only means of communication with the outside world. Two way radios can prove to be quite beneficial during emergencies such as catastrophes and disasters which may interrupt telephone lines, electricity supply and cellular towers. In such perilous situations, professional rescuers mainly rely on two way radios from two way radio shop to play a crucial role as a safe, effective and reliable means of communication even without any prior training and knowledge.

Continuous connectivity

Two way radios have well developed system structures which have made it possible for users to remain connected for a long time without any interruptions. This is vital for soldiers who must stay in touch with other troops. On the other hand, they may be useful for farmers and ranchers in locations where they cannot use or depend on cellular signals. Two way radios save time and energy through substantially improved productivity and expedited work processes. This makes them imperative and ideal gadgets in oil extraction companies, construction companies and cable TV firms where ease of communication is absolutely necessary. These gadgets have proven to be quite crucial in school grounds, federal government, colleges, hospital wards, cinemas and production places where critical response communication is very important. Two way radios from two way radio shop are reliable, practical, cost effective and robust tools which help improve communication and security.

By Nicole P.

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