iPhone SE2 in video: 5s type design, headphone jack and Touch ID

A second-generation iPhone SE peeked in a video from China. There are the headphone jack and the Touch ID: these are the characteristics that can be found in the images.
We do not know if the device you see here is authentic, also because it is not lit; unfortunately the certainty we will have only at the time of public announcement (if and when it will arrive).
That said, you can clearly notice a rear glass body, which would suggest the introduction of wireless charging also on this class of devices. Currently, in fact, on the back iPhone SE is mostly covered by aluminum, with two glass panels at the top and bottom.

For the rest, nothing revolutionary than before: design like iPhone 5s, 4 “display, Touch ID (no Face ID therefore) and there is also the 3.5” headphone jack that instead disappeared from the upper models. This on the one hand means greater compatibility and cost reduction (any headset is fine, even the old ones) but also implies no water resistant body.

Mystery then on the processor and other hardware features, although it is easy to assume the introduction of the A10 Fusion chip, 40% faster than the current A9.

The doubt about the authenticity of the device comes to us because, under the iPhone trademark on the body, there are no small scripts of regulatory bodies, but it could be an experimental prototype for internal use: go to know.

For months there has been rumor of the arrival of iPhone SE2, and some rumors are launching it already next month. This is possible, perhaps even probable, but not certain: in the past, it only happened twice that Cupertino presented a new product in May, once for the iPod touch in 2013 and the other in 2015 for the MacBook Pro 15 “.