iPhone Fold, the foldable Concept gives a show

A designer imagined what made a beautiful and unlikely look. The result will leave you speechless.

Ben Geskin, a well-known designer, can no longer wait. And so, he is armed with a graphics tablet and Photoshop to recreate the device of his imagination: a foldable iPhone that turns into an iPad mini.

How I would like a Piega iPhone with an 8-inch display, ProMotion and Apple Pencil support “Geskin enthusiastically chirps in a recent Twitter post. Attached, the image of what looks like a simple iPhone, but capable of opening up a booklet. It is the image you can see at the top of the post.

When closed, it looks like an iPhone X slightly thicker than the original; when it’s open, a mini-tablet to take notes or read content on the Web. And as far as we know, maybe even look like one of the Apple smartphone prototypes stored in Cupertino safes.

The apple in fact offers several patents in this regard and in the public there is a certain interest in this technology, especially after the launch of the Galaxy Fold.

But on the other hand, after the flop of Samsung and given the limits of current technologies, it is not surprising that Apple is rather skeptical about the folding phone. And mind you: this does not necessarily mean that we will never see on the iPhone Fold, but only that some key technologies are now available, such as the flexible Gorilla Glass that Corning works with. In short, at best, it is a wait of several years.