iPad Pro: new models with backlit keyboard are coming soon

Apple is working on the new iPad Pro coming in the coming months. They will also be supported by a keyboard with scissor mechanism and backlighting.

Forget the rubbery keyboard built into the iPad Pro covers. Apple is working on a new generation of tablet keyboard that has nothing to envy to that of Macs.
While component manufacturers are integrated into the trackpad in the iPad keyboard, Apple works to add a prohibition and backlight mechanism on the Smart keyboard.

The prohibition mechanism is a type of mechanics that has been in use on Apple laptops for many years, and prematurely retired with the MacBook Pro 2016 butterfly mechanism. Since then, it has taken a Class Action, a free and registered repair program to a second generation of flavor dishes to understand that this type of mechanics simply doesn’t work. And that’s why, with the MacBook Pro 2016, Apple has returned to the past.

So it is not surprising that a new type of keyboard for iPad Pro actually integrates the old and more reliable technologies. According to Digitimes, a Cupertino intends to “extend the activation of a keyboard with a backlit ban mechanism to be used on the next generation of iPad” by the second half of the year. So if the rumors are correct, after the summer we should witness the launch of new iPads and new accessories, probably with a 3D camera and 5G support.