iGlasses, Apple AR viewers are 8K and do not need iPhone

The virtual reality that Apple works at is more sophisticated than we dared to suspect. Supports 8K displays and will be independent of iPhone and Mac.

According to the rumors, in Cupertino are developing a pair of special viewers capable of combining Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, codenamed T288. This is a pair of 8K glasses (8K per eye, therefore 16K total) untied from the iPhone and computers of the apple, and connected to a “dedicated box” using a very high performance wireless technology and low throw call 60GHz WiGig.

The control device currently resembles a tower PC, but it is not a Mac (we assume that no Mac would be powerful enough, or perhaps no Mac would be sufficiently optimized for this type of application); is powered by a special 5-nanometer Apple chip “more powerful than anything currently available” and that sooner or later we could also see on the lines of computers and devices with the apple.

Complete the setup of the cameras strategically positioned in the virtual reality room to identify the user and any objects present.

“For the future of Virtual Reality,” explains CNET “we expect a wireless device, and Apple intends to put on the plate its renowned simplicity of configuration.The device would use a wireless technology renamed 60GHz WiGig [….] A second generation, called 802.11ay, would improve speeds and make technology more attractive for non-computer-dependent AR viewers. ”

Apple has been working on this type of technology for some time, but it’s not clear if T288 is a pair of glasses at Google Glass, or real Oculus Rift glasses. What is certain is that they will be managed by a special operating system called rOS (controlled by gestures, voice commands, head movements, touch panels) from which ARKit is derived, one of the most important innovations of iOS 11.