HTC One M9: A Worthy Business Phone or Not?

Over the last decade, there have been numerous mobile phone models and brands dedicated for busy business people. One such brand is HTC One, which is a premium line of intelligently designed handsets that offer impeccable features, productivity tools and better security at a much more affordable price. With its latest model the One M9, surely, Apple and Samsung – two leading brands for such market – will have a run for their money. The question now is: is the HTC One M9 really a worthy business phone?

The Design



Once you hold the 5-inch phone in your hands, you’ll notice that it’s significantly heavier than Samsung’s S6 (4.8 ounces) and Apple’s iPhone 6 (4.55 ounces) at 5.5 ounces. One of the units has this gold finish around the edges, which gives the phone more class. Meanwhile, the back of the M9 comes in either gunmetal gray or silver. Another noticeable deviation from previous models that HTC did with the M9 is the placement of the power button. It was originally at the top, but is now moved to the side, below the volume, making it easier to reach.

The Display

The M9 offers an excellent balance between portability and screen space. And despite competing phones offering higher resolutions, the HTC One M9’s display is more than sharp to allow businesspeople to perform multiple tasks with little to no hassle. Another thing that might put off users is the device’s lack of the split-screen multitasking feature offered by the Samsung S6 and LG G4. But you’ll appreciate that you easily turn on and off the display of the phone by double-tapping on the screen.

The Interface


All HTC smartphones run on a customized version of Android, like Samsung’s. But HTC tweaked the OS in a number of ways without destroying the underlying Android 5.0 Lollipop interface, giving their smartphones a much lighter touch. You’ll see the difference in several work-related features, like built-in wireless printing capabilities and innovative ways on how you view and act on incoming emails from your phone’s lock screen. There’s also the new Priority Mode, which allows you to control notifications, which can be very helpful during meetings.

The Performance

Although Samsung’s Galaxy S6 is a tad faster, the Geekbench 3 test – measures overall performance – shows that the M9 got a very good score of 3,818, which is well above average. This means that you won’t notice the difference in speed when using basic productivity apps. All in all, the HTC One M9 is a worthy phone for entrepreneurs, whether you’re a novice or a savvy one.