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It’s a well-known fact that practically every six months, a new model of the iPhone pops out of Apple’s proverbial womb. And with every iteration, you can be sure that a new batch of accessories will follow. Cases, in particular, almost always come instantaneously with each iPhone release. And right now, all sorts of cases are available in the market—from the cheap variants to the fancy ones to the extra sturdy. Out of the thousands out there, we picked out three of the most unique and incredibly useful cases that should be worth your hard-earned buck.

For those that can’t get enough memory

For most people, 16GB worth of memory in an iPhone is sufficient. It’s even more than enough for some who use their phones solely as a communication device. But if you require additional space for your device to save more pictures, videos, music, and apps, then the Mophie Space Pack is just the thing you need. This revolutionary product is the world’s first case that has a built-in storage for the iPhone 5/5s. It’s kind of pricey, as the tradeoff for an additional 16GB of memory for your device is $150. If you want an extra 16GB on top of that (for a total of 32GB), you’d have to add another $30. You can use the Space app (which is available in the App Store for free) to conveniently manage the files in the case and the ones on your phone. And oh, the Mophie Space Pack also allows your iPhone to have an extended battery life. While it may be expensive, this iPhone case should prove to be a solid purchase.

Iphone Case Options

Iphone Case Options

For the hardcore

If you’re into extreme sports or if you have that unquenchable thirst for adventure, the S3 Performance Hitcase is the perfect armor for your iPhone. It’s a robust iPhone case that you can mount, wear, or even take with you on a fishing trip. Yes, fishing, since the case is waterproof. In fact, it can go as deep as 10m underwater—the deepest any touch screen-capable case in existence can. The Hitcase enables you to mount your iPhone on a kayak or on a motorbike the next time you’re planning to give yourself a huge shot of adrenaline. That way, it can serve as a tough-as-nails action cam that allows you to capture all the action on your iPhone. And you can be assured that both photos and videos will be of great quality, thanks to the Hitcase’s 170-degree, wide-angle lens.

iPhone Cases

iPhone Cases

For those with limited pocket space

Aside from providing protection for your iPhone, this top-quality case from dbramante1928 also doubles as a wallet. It has compartments for your cash and various cards, which allows you to get rid of your old, conventional wallet. Your pants will breathe out a sigh of relief since it will no longer have to carry the bulk of both your phone and your wallet. The dbramante1928 iPhone case is slim, durable, and made from real leather.

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