Avoid mobile device stealing | Tips

Mobile phones, especially the smart version, the so called smartphones, have become so necessary in our daily lives that the loss of them costs us too much. I’s not so much about the money, but mostly it is about the content we may have stored in them, and many times their users buy them as tools for their work. Below we have listed some tips, so you can keep your phone safe from any type of threat especially from thieves.

Mobile phone stealing

Mobile phone stealing

1. Buy a case

The smartphones are ideal targets due to their small size, as this facilitates the thief to grab and hide them thoroughly, without you getting a wind of. Indeed, as a good model, the greater the value of it when it’s stolen. Buying a case not only protects them from chipping, but it is also good for hiding the identity of the object and possibly the value of the black market.

2. Keep it tight in the palm of your hands

Most people walk with a mobile phone in their hand. Whether he climbs on a bus or entering the subway, or just walking in the street, everyone is looking at the screen of their phone. What can you do to protect it? Keep it tight within your palm and of the device is too large, use both your hands. In this way, although you may be engrossed in the screen you are looking at, the impression you give is that you have control. Do not forget to take a look around every once and a while.

3. Turn down the volume of music

If you walk down the street listening to music on your headphones, make sure that the volume is not too loud, so that you can hear if someone is approaching you.

Mobile phone stealing

Mobile phone stealing

4. Put it to a place that even you are struggling to find

The easiest place to put your cell phone is your pocket, but it is the easiest target for unscrupulous individuals. It is better to keep your phone in an inside jacket pocket or in your bag, closed with a zipper.

What to do if you could not avoid theft

The first thing to do is be sure to tell your provider about the theft. Then, you can use a special find my phone software which can even detect up to the position of the thief.

By Nicole P.

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