Android 6 Marshmallow: Spec Updates, Rumors and Release

The release of the latest version of the Android 6 Marshmallow is already out. However, not all devices can enjoy this great update. Some devices have even skipped this version but looking forward to the next version which is Android 7.

Recent Spec Updates

Part of the improvements made by the latest version include better battery life as well as greater permission controls for certain apps. At the same time, it has standardized support for some fingerprint scanners, granular volume controls, USB-C, and new features for the Google Now app. The only problem is that not all Android gadgets are given the chance to install this update.


In fact, the process for its release is considered more complex compared with iOS updates from Apple. So even if an update could be used for any Android device, it doesn’t mean that you could have access to it right away.

Rumors Regarding the New Update

Even those who have the latest mobile devices are not capable of having the latest update yet. As a matter of fact, only 10% of all devices are running the new version. This isn’t a great news for Google as it implicates a low adoption rate. Perhaps you can blame the manufactures in some countries with specific carriers as they spend a bit more time before allowing the update to be released for public use.


Devices that are now enjoying the latest update include the Google Nexus and some mobile devices from Motorola. Other manufacturers though might be a little bit less predictable when it comes to making improvements to their firmware.

If you already have the updates on your mobile device, then you must be in luck as not many products are blessed of having real-time updates in this category. Some of them are even having a hard time as they weren’t able to update simultaneously with other brands for quite a while already.