4 Smart Products at the CES 2016

Numerous gadgets and electronics have been introduced to consumers to literally make their lives better, from household appliances to smart phones. At the CES 2016, new automated products were launched by different manufacturers, each item with the purpose of making it to the households once they are commercially available. Here are some of the innovations displayed:

Fitbit Blaze

These are already popular products for active people but still, it did not stop manufacturers from coming up with better products. This modular watch can monitor sleep, workouts and heart rate. Moreover, it can also be customized by changing the style bands. Other than these, this fitness watch is capable of a 24/7 heart-rate tracking which can monitor all your physical activities and record your health trend.

fitbit blaze


This is a device that is special kind of thermostat. This smart device is synched with your smart phone and is capable of knowing where you are in the house. This way, it can adjust the settings of the temperature inside the house and is useful not only in keeping you comfortable but also in saving energy consumption.


For both entertainment and recreation, this is the product to watch out for. This appliance is a smart hub that connects your camera, mobile device and other electronic devices to make watching movies or television with your mates more enjoyable.

Here Active Listening

Here Active Listening

This audio system is perfect for use at the office and even at home when you need some quiet time or get rid of distractions so you can concentrate more on what you are doing. This device lets you customise what you will hear with the use of a filter. It also has an app for certain adjustments such as volume.

Technology is dynamic and innovation is unstoppable. With the many devices and electronics, smart living will soon be in all households.