When Proposals Go Hi-Tech

It seems that every guy wants to outdo the previous guy who pulled off a memorable and most talked-about proposal. So, from the analog version, people have embraced technology in delivering their proposal. It’s no longer just about dropping to one knee and asking the love of your life if she wants to spend the rest of her life with you.

What are some of the technologies that people employed?


Not to play spy or invade anyone’s privacy, drones are made to the deliver the one element that makes popping the question very significant – the ring. This is certainly what Zhang Ziyi’s boyfriend did when he proposed. She, a famous Chinese actress, said yes to her rocker boyfriend with the help of a DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ drone that carried a 9.15-carat engagement ring. The same technology was used by an American couple to not only deliver the ring, but also record the proposal.


Ring Cam

Built on a jewelry box, the ring cam captures your lovey’s priceless reaction to your proposal. It features a low angle shot that is best used during day time. So you might want to schedule your proposal when the sun is high because the ring doesn’t come with a night vision yet.

Scavenger Hunt App

Taking inspiration from the old fashioned scavenger hunt, Romantech is an app that takes treasure hunting to a hi-tech level. It features a map that the love of your life can track to hunt for clues or find a location where you plan to propose. Other similar apps even post Facebook updates so friends and family can follow the activity as it progresses and culminates with romance written all over it.

Game hacking

If you’ve played Bejeweled before, you would agree that it’s a befitting platform to stage a proposal, what with all the jewels involved. But how can you make it your very own proposal tool? Bernie Peng, a New Jersey resident, had an idea to hack the game, so he can hide a virtual ring and a proposal that his lucky girlfriend can access when she reaches a certain score.


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