Looking into the Other Side of Driverless Car Technology

It won’t be long before driverless cars become the norm. Thanks to Google, what used to be science fiction is more real than ever. While the tech company is still polishing their product, other automakers are now working to provide a vehicle where drivers can just sit back and enjoy the ride, while the car takes control. They plan to take hands-off to a whole new level; along with it is “feet-off the pedals”.

But the problem with autonomous vehicles is that…


They are vulnerable to cyber threats.

Since the entire system will be dependent on computers and the internet, it’s easy for a hacker to infiltrate the system and compromise its operation. Not only will this makes vehicles easy to steal, but use as a potential weapon. Imagine what could happen when a maniac takes over the controls.

They result in loss of driving-related jobs.

Who needs a taxi, bus, train when you can just tell your car where to go? You won’t have a need for chauffeur either, even if his job is just to open and close the car door. If all other forms of vehicles become driverless, drivers will definitely lose their job.


They can lead to driving inefficiencies.

Say everyone now owns a driverless vehicle. Since there’s no need to actually take the wheel, everyone can just skip the driving lessons. When the time comes that manual driving is required, an owner might not know what to do. This can pose a huge problem on the road. Then again, you can always try to drag a car all the way home. With a driverless car, you won’t have to worry about parking since you can just tell it to come back for you at a specific time and place. While this is convenient and all, potential problems are inevitable. So think long and hard if you’re ready for a future without drivers.

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