Dog Shock Collar | Are they the solution?

The XXI century has made our life more comfortable, and increasingly there are few the things we have to do by ourselves. Training dogs was one of them until the dog shock collar appeared to eliminate this characteristic instinct in dogs that has helped humanity so much, but now it has become annoying: the bark.

This collar is used mainly to stop our dogs from barking and other bad behaviours, to create a limited area from where not to escape and staying away from any danger. It is usually said that some advantages are the control of the pain (not too much to stress the doggie but not too little to make it habituated to it so it can ignore the corrections), the delivery of a shock at the moment even if we are not there (although automatic timing doesn’t necessarily mean correct timing) and it’s not so obvious that the source of pain is you.

Anti Bark Collar

Anti Bark Collar

Nevertheless, this collar makes dogs more aggressive towards the environment or humans, and they can learn that if they tolerate the pain close to the limit of the invisible area, they can escape and once they escape, there is no more pain. They might become fearful and stressed, so the electrical shocks reduce their quality of life, even in short terms of a week. Finally, he can associate environment and people with pain and high stress, do you really want this for your best friend? The alternative to this is the rewarding dog training, despite believing that this doesn’t work in dominant and stubborn dogs. It requires patience, but the dog won’t stop its aggressive behaviour unless you stop that aggressive method.

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