Did Mobile and Portable Computers Kill Desktop PCs?

It was reported in mid-2014 that tablets will overtake PC sales this year. But this does not entirely mean the death of desktop PCs, does it? Tablets, smartphones and convertible tablets are hot and fresh in the market, but PCs remain strongly reliable for a host of reasons.

Desktops are still easier and faster to repair.

They have isolated parts that are easier to check, repair and replace unlike in single unit mobile gadgets that everything is enclosed into a single case. If the keyboard gets wet and doesn’t work anymore, simply get a new one then plug and play.


Desktops are hassle-free to customize.

If you want a faster processor, buy a better one from a PC store and replace your old one. If you want more storage, simply attach as many harddrives as you want, no fuss. If one harddrive gets corrupted, take it out or enslave it and then debug. If you want a bigger display, buy a larger monitor. If you want surround sound, use better speakers and install corresponding software.

Desktops are ideal for long hours of computing.

Honestly, what mobile computers lack is the ergonomic functions of desktop computers designed for you to sit down properly and look at the monitor at a good distance, and your arms bent at the right angle and fingers properly positioned on the different keys.

Desktops remain more powerful and functional.

They don’t hang up on you easily, they don’t get very hot to the touch because keyboards don’t get hot and the CPUs have sufficient vents and fans. You can easily reboot them when they hang up, and there’s no battery life to mind as long as you have uniterruptible power supply (UPS).


Desktops are easier to upgrade.

Again, you can easily replace its parts. External parts are the easiest, but those encased with the CPU, you can still tinker with them despite the lack of in depth computer engineering knowledge. Replacement parts are widely available, too.

The only shortcoming of the desktop is its portability, other than that, it remains a very useful and practical computing tool for both home and office use. It is very durable and dependable, and because you don’t have to move it around that often, it is not prone to damage, too.

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