YouTube Music replaces Google Play Music on Android 10

Google has announced an important new feature for its streaming service. YouTube Music will be pre-installed on all new devices with Android 10 and Android 9 Pie, taking the place of Google Play Music. This last app can be downloaded manually from the Play Store.

YouTube Music, announced in November 2015, allowed to listen to the songs published on YouTube and required a subscription to YouTube Red (later become YouTube Premium), a broader service that also includes videos. In 2018 YouTube Music has become a separate service that allows access to music, but with advertisements (to remove them you need to subscribe to YouTube Music Premium).

Now YouTube Music will replace Google Play Music on new devices with Android 10 and Android 9 Pie. In the future, Google Play Music will be eliminated, but only when YouTube Music offers the same features. From May it is possible to start playing the music tracks on the device, while the support for uploading the user’s music library (cloud locker) is still absent.

The switch will surely happen in the future, but for the moment it is necessary to use two separate apps (YouTube Music and Google Play Music), despite the annoying banner that is often shown when you start YouTube. When that will probably happen an update for Google Play Music will make the automatic transition.

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