Xiaomi Launches a Smart Desk for Gamers

Xiaomi is known not only for its smartphones, but also for producing gadgets of all kinds. No wonder, then, if the Chinese manufacturer wanted to help gamers have a better gaming experience by offering them a smart desk where they could place PCs, monitors and all their gaming peripherals.

On the surface it may seem like a normal desk but in reality it hides some very interesting secrets. The height can be varied from 75 to 125 cm and it is possible to memorize different profiles so that it can be adapted quickly according to who plays. A detail not insignificant that allows to improve the ergonomics during the games. Secondly, this smart desk was covered with a soft material. Also present specific holes to pass the cables of keyboards, mice and many other peripherals.

It also supports the installation of various monitor mounts. A product, therefore, extremely interesting and that could actually appeal to fans of video games. The price is also very interesting, only 1,799 yuan, or about 200 euros at current exchange rates.

This smart desk from Xiaomi is currently only available in China and it is not clear if it can even arrive in Europe. To understand if it can be purchased in some way through importers.

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