Xbox One S, the discless version on May 7th

The new Xbox One S console without an optical disk that has been speculated for a few months could be launched by Microsoft on May 7th. The indiscretion comes from Windows Central which was able to access a series of confidential documents. This console should officially be called “Xbox One S All-Digital”. Its peculiarity will be the absence of the Blu-ray optical reader. This means that it will only be possible to use games in digital format. The absence of this element should make the console even cheaper but we don’t know exactly how much. The source also obtained the first samples of the images from the packaging of the new console which allow to discover that Xbox One S All-Digital will be sold with a 1 TB hard drive and with the digital codes of the Forza Horizon 3 games, Sea of Thieves and Minecraft. It would seem, at the moment, that Microsoft has not provided a bundle including the Xbox Game Pass subscription which allows access to an archive of over 100 digital games that can be used freely. A perfect subscription for this new discless console. With the launch of Xbox One S All-Digital, the current Xbox One S will always remain on the list. Microsoft just wants to give its users more choice. Obviously, the date of May 7 must be taken with pliers. Microsoft’s plans may change at any time. The launch for this date, however, would seem highly probable given that in the past it was rumored that the console could be launched by the end of April

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