Writing an E-newsletter: 2 Important Things to Remember

Reaching your target market and conveying your message is an essential aspect of building business authority and identity. This, however, does not totally come free. But if you use an effective marketing tool such as an email newsletter, you can cut down on your marketing expenses while taking advantage of the power of internet technology. Not only do you get to introduce your company and update your target market, you also get to send the message directly to your audience.

Perhaps you have some writing skills but clueless on how to write a killer newsletter. Or maybe you have received hundreds of them and based on experience, they can be boring. Not if you know what to write.

To give you an idea, here are two points to keep in mind: 

  1. Keep it short and personalized.


You are sending your newsletter to busy people and it’s a known fact how short the attention span of readers can be. As a rule, keep your words to a minimum, perhaps 250 words or shorter. Also, address the receiver by their names or titles to make them feel you are focused on them, as if talking to them directly. It will also be better if your tone comes with a personal touch, like if you are a financial advisor, you can talk about your experience on how you gained financial freedom. This can tap the interest of your audience and motivate them to read more.

  1. Come up with an effective content. 


It is important not to “promote” your product or service directly that the body is all about marketing what you offer. Updates are fine as well as offering discounts to customers by way of a code they can use when logging in to your website to make a purchase or service. You can also include how you can help them or the benefits of your products then include a link to that page. Also, come up with an interesting subject line. This is what your email is all about so it’s wise to make it catchy enough to be read. Lastly, use the call-to-action strategy.

E-newsletters help you build relationships with your customers and get to do more business with them. Follow these two tips and your can market your business well.

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