Windows Phone 8.7 download update in January

A few days ago we became aware of its presence on the servers of Nokia. We then saw some phones like the inclusive Nokia Lumia 800, so the time was almost ripe to see Windows Phone 7.8. For those models that are compatible to it, in most of Europe as well as in the Netherlands it seems that the phone is already available.

Windows Phone 7.8

Windows Phone 7.8

There is increasing talk insistently in January, now only a few days after, when you can connect your device to your PC or your Mac in order to benefit from the new features that bring 7.8 to Windows 8 Phone.

We said approach because, unfortunately and as we know, the old Microsoft terminal cannot be upgraded to the new Windows 8 Phone release which will be available in a few weeks, so this update is a defined consolation. The Windows 8 Phone release can multiply and be attached to different phone games and apps. There are various companies in the UK like , that deal with application designs for different phone systems like Android, IOS and now the can be compatible with Windows 8.

Additionally, there have been several recent additions to the existing terminals, including changing the Start screen, which gives them new life, providing support for other several months by Microsoft. A further update, Windows Phone 7.X, may even follow what has already been foreseen and checked by the company.

Between compatible phones it seems that in the list there are sure Samsung and Nokia and difficult to make predictions for others: there will only be made an attempt to empirically determine whether the update is actually installed or not.

Among the most important of 7.8 of great success is its ability to resize the Start screen and Live Tiles 20 new themes. Not much has been done by Microsoft; in fact, there is something more from Nokia that will take a little more than its technology for old phones so they do not fall too soon forgotten.

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