Which Accounting Software is Ideal for Small Business

Accounting software helps you organize and manage the financial aspects of your small business. In lieu of an accounting personnel, which you can’t afford yet, an accounting software helps you accomplish various accounting and bookkeeping tasks.

To ease your workload, choose accounting software tailored to the accounting and bookkeeping tasks that you need. A small business needs software to handle creation of financial statement, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll processing, bank reconciliation and tax reporting.



The widely used QuickBooks updates yearly with versions adapted to the nature and size of the business. It provides secure data sharing and MS integration. For your small business, choose QuickBooks Online (web-based accounting) or the QuickBooks Simple Start Online, with monthly subscriptions starting at $12.95.

Sage 50

With more than 30 years of accounting experience, Sage provides exceptional online accounting, invoicing and task tracking services for small businesses. It likewise allows payment collection via Sage Payment Solutions and the ever-popular PayPal. On tap of that, the software allows you to create and manage tasks with cloud-based collaboration between staff and clients. The software has a monthly subscription fee of $24, with a 15-day free trial and cancel-anytime policy.


AccountEdge offers accounting tools that are definitive and accessible, with excellent speed and interface. Its clean, simple interface and web-store integration makes it popular among first-time users of accounting software. However, it lacks the company dashboard found in QuickBooks. The software offers free use for 30 days. The Pro version is available at $399 for new user, $159 for single user upgrade and $249 for multi-user upgrade. The Basic version is available at $99 for new user and $79 for upgrade.

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There is of course a bunch of accounting software out there, and they might be top contender for your small business. It is wise to try the free trial versions to test which software is right for your small business accounting needs. Just make sure to store a copy of your documents in your server if you intend to switch software often (until you find one that suits you).

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