WhatsApp also available on the Nokia 8110

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging service ever. Its success is also due to compatibility with numerous operating systems. The app can now be installed on the Nokia 8110 and other KaiOS-based feature phones.

The Menlo Park company has already published the Facebook app on the KaiStore and has now announced the availability of WhatsApp for feature phones with 256 and 512 MB of RAM. The app will be pre-installed on the many models that will arrive on the market starting from the third quarter of 2019. In fact it was already present on the JioPhone launched in India in September 2018, but with international distribution it will reach millions of new users in Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia , North America and Latin America.

KaiOS is in practice the open source version of Firefox OS, the operating system developed by Mozilla and abandoned in 2016. Currently the operating system is installed on over 100 million devices in over 100 countries. The platform, developed by the homonymous US company, is addressed to the so-called feature phones, or mobile phones with limited memory, but with complete connectivity (WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, LTE and FM radio).

WhatsApp for KaiOS will certainly contribute to the increase in the market share of the operating system, as there are still millions of people who cannot buy the most expensive smartphones, but want to stay in touch with friends and family. On the KaiStore there are other popular apps, in addition to WhatsApp and Facebook, including Twitter, Google Maps, Google Search, Google Assistant and YouTube.

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