What New with the Windows 10

New operating systems coming out within just a few months of each other are nothing new. In fact, it’s expected for technology to upgrade as often and as quickly. The only problem is trying to keep up with the latest.

So what’s new with the Windows 10?

If you found it hard to warm up to Windows 8, you’ll be glad to know that Windows 10 aims to make you love it. What the previous OS lacks, the new one will fill in.

logo-27046_640The start menu is back

People have become so accustomed to clicking the Windows icon to open other applications that the tiled interface of Windows 8 only caused confusion. So the news about the return of the start menu is something everyone is celebrating about. Although it’s not exactly the same as the start menu of Windows 7 or older, it’s a lot better than not having it at all.


Software platforms are unified

Windows 10 is designed to unify a wide range of devices through one interface, account and operating style. Desktop PCs, Windows Phones smartphones and Windows tablets will now use a single operating system.

Seamless continuity

Continuum is one of the smartest things that Microsoft has added. This detects the state of a particular computer and then provides the right interface. With a Surface Pro, for example, when the keyboard is detached, it behaves like a tablet, switching to a more touch-friendly interface. In the case of a machine with Windows 10, Windows 7 and 8 are blended to provide the right interface.

Aside from these, Microsoft is also pushing for the “universal Windows apps” where apps that are downloaded from the Windows Store will run on all platforms using Windows, including the Windows Phone.

Excitement for the Windows 10 might not be as palpable, as most consumers might need to buy a new PC that is installed with the new OS. Anything better than Windows 8, however, is a welcome change.

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