What Are The Best TVs Available?

Almost every home in the UK has multiple television sets. There are Televisions in kids bedrooms, in kitchens and of course in the lounge. Choosing a TV is not as easy as many people imagine. It’s not just a matter of choosing a TV which is the right size, there are lots of features to consider. This guide will help discover what are the best TVs available for your different situations.

Screen Size

The most important feature to consider is the screen size. Each TV will be better suited to a different use. If you have a very big lounge, then you will need a big TV. However, be careful not to get a TV which is too big for the room as it can make it uncomfortable to watch.

Best TVs

Best TVs

Smart Features

Some of the best televisions available have built in computers which turns them into smart TVs. There are plenty of so called smart TVs available, but not all of them are as smart as one another. Samsung Smart TV’s are particularly good, these come with a keyboard and can even be used to surf the internet. Some smart TVs are much more limited and you can only use the apps it comes pre-installed with. Some smart TVs from Philips and other manufacturers feature Android Smart TV features. This makes it easy to install new apps from the Android Market. Android TVs will probably become much more popular in the near future.

Ultra HD

If you want to watch a lot of films or sports on your TV then you might benefit from buying a 4K ultra high definition television like the Sony Bravia 4K HD TVs. These provide even more detail than a standard 1080p HD TV. However, be warned that unless you subscribe to an expensive sky or cable TV service then you may not be able to enjoy the ultra high definition picture just yet. If you’re just interested in buying a TV for the kids bedrooms then you probably won’t be bothered about 4K or even HD features.

Choosing the right TV for your home is not an easy task, it’s something that you will need to spend plenty of time doing. However, it can be quite enjoyable. Try visiting a comparison site which can help you find the perfect TV for you, for example techcred.co.uk.