Wearable Technology: What to Expect Next?

There are many wearable gadgets that are going to be released soon. From smartwatches to fitness trackers to virtual reality headsets, the tech world won’t be able to recognize what actually hit it once these gadgets will take center stage.

To learn more about these wearable tech to come, here are some of the biggest innovations in the works.

The Sony PlayStation VR

The VR headset from Sony PlayStation is expected to land on October 2016. The good thing is that it is already available for pre-order. The display has been based on the full HD 1920×1080 of its predecessor but improved from 5- to 5.7-inches. This gives customers a field of vision of 100-degree.


The Garmin Vivoactive HR

According to sources, the company has not been so expressive about the release of its new product which will be out soon. This new smartwatch from Garmin is expected to be slimmer than ever but it will keep all its features such as the optical heart rate sensor, GPS, and excellent software. Moreover, there is a tracking and altimeter intended for activities like skiing and rowing using specialist metrics.

The Apple Watch 2

There is an expected launching of the Apple Watch 2 by June at the WWDC which will be released by September 2016. Accordingly, this is still a long time for its competitors such as the Tizen, Android Wear, and Pebble for catching up.


The Project Aura

This new gadget is basically the Google Glass 2, which is being designed for the workplace. It is expected to be waterproof, durable, and can be pocketed and folded up. More so, wearers will surely enjoy video streaming capabilities as well as improved battery life.

Wearable technology is already in the market in response to increasing consumer demand. But the abovementioned will surely steal the spotlight once it goes out for the public any time soon.