Wahoo PROTKT | The iPhone 5 on the bike

From KIKR to RFLKT, from heart rate monitors and cadence sensor speed Bluetooth 4.0, this case is ideal for running the bike up to the different applications to keep fit and track your workouts.

PROTKT supports and protects

Last Wahoo arrived in the house once again for the bike, it is the PROTKT, a useful accessory for mounting directly on the handlebar of the iPhone 5 for those who do not want to use the equally useful RFLKT, recently updated with firmware 1.2.



Road bikes and mountain bikes

In addition to having all the information of the applications under real time control, PROTKT allows you to protect, hence the name, the phone from the elements resulting from sun, rain, snow, wind and all those agents who are certainly not good for a delicate and expensive smartphone such as Apple’s. It is also the maximum protection in case of fall, whether we like the road bikes and mountain bikes.

Easy to assemble and disassemble

The mounting system and anchoring is really very simple. With a quarter turn is fixed to the support and the houses with the movement against it are removed. Also good photo management and phone calls which can be managed in handsfree without removing the case from the handlebar or with a simple quarter turn in a private manner PROTKT unplugs from the media. If you are not on a bike you can use the neoprene hand armband which is optional and included in the kit PROTKT Bag-O-Mounts for the cost of $ 15. With dimensions of 14 x 7 x 2 cm and with a weight of 125 grams, the media has a price of 70 dollars.

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