Vein Code: The launch trailer celebrates published of the GDR action

Bandai Namco offers us a spectacular Code Vein video to remind us of the publication of their ambitious role-playing action on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

In the near future, a catastrophic event has brought about the fall of the civilized world. From the rubble of the old world a new kind of humanity has emerged – the Revenants – that in exchange for the memory of their life

A group of these, called Veil, joined forces to try to redeem their memories and discover the cause of the collapse. Here is a kind of vein, a secret society of revived, the last stronghold in which they survived have been assigned powers in exchange for their memories and the thirst for blood. Those who give in to thirst join the corrupt, devilish demons without humanity. Create alliances and go on a journey into the underworld in Code Vein.

The title will be entirely playable with a friend or the second character led by the CPU. Before leaving you with the images and the launch video, we remind you that Code Vein is finally available on PC and console.

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