Veebot | A specialized robot in blood sampling

You read that right. This automaton is meant to work as a doctor or a nurse and the prospect personally upsets me because it comes out of my way of seeing the world.

Disturbing prospects

I confess that I never wanted to see such a thing but my opinion is worth less than zero and is certainly not enough to guide technological progress which goes on its way ignoring proudly my humble expressions of feeling. Perhaps the manufacturer envisions that in the future clinical laboratories might be short staffed requiring the use of machines in their place. It may well be so but the prospect is not at all intriguing, at least in my opinion. This model, developed in collaboration with Epson, created with the aim to fully automate the process of blood sampling in humans. To run the sample, the robot will perform several steps.

Epson Veebot

Epson Veebot

High precision

An infrared camera will be asked to identify the most suitable place to target the vein which will sting with surgical precision thanks to the guidance of an ultrasound device. At that point the game will be done. It seems that the chances of success are currently 83% but you want to bring the success rate to 90% before clinical trials begin. I was perplexed and I wonder what would happen if the machine went crazy. The scenarios that you can imagine are many. I leave them all to your imagination and your judgment.

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