USB cable male female: which shoudl you buy?

When you need to extend a connection with a PC or a printer, you can use a male-female USB cable; here’s what to buy.

USB male cable, a term that often compares when you are about to buy a new USB cable. Before tackling the expense, however, it is necessary to understand what this word means to avoid mistaking the purchase of the product. Speaking of simple USB cables, the connector has the classic flat and rectangular shape. The male connector is what you look in a female input connector. A male USB cable is mainly used as an extension of a USB cable so that it can be connected without problems. Thanks to the socket, in fact, it will be possible to connect another USB cable to create a longer one with extreme ease.

Like all USB cables, these are also limited in the first place. However, you can use USB 1.1, USB 2.0, USB 3.0. The most recent version is backward compatible with the previous ones but allows a higher data transmission speed.

Important detail to have in mind during the purchase phase. Obviously, there is also to take into consideration the length of the USB cable in order to tell its own usage needs.

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