Touch ID in the display, Samsung’s technology does not work

Samsung is again in the eye of the storm. This time due to the fingerprint recognition technology integrated into the display of the Galaxy S10.

After the flop of the Galaxy Fold, Samsung returns to turn the spotlight on itself; this time, she stumbled on the fingerprint sensor integrated into the Galaxy S10 display: apparently, a protective cover is enough to camouflage anyone’s fingerprints and unlock the phone without a password.

It all started when an English woman, thanks to an inexpensive protective film purchased on the Internet, was able to unlock an S10 configured with the fingerprints of another user. The experiment was then repeated and officially confirmed by the parent company.

Samsung has claimed to be “aware of the S10 fingerprint sensor case and already working to release a software update as soon as possible.”

In fact, it was known that some films would interfere with the ultrasounds emitted by the display and used to identify the shape and orientation of the small skin folds placed on the fingertips; in these cases, in fact, there was talk of “incompatible films.” But we never expected that we could use them to unlock any S10.

We decided to talk about it on Melablog because even Apple, according to rumors, has been working on a similar feature for years and seems to be determined to implement it on iPhone 12. This explains why they are taking so long.

At the time of the launch of the Galaxy S10, the South Korean company presented its biometric fingerprint recognition system below the display, calling it “revolutionary.”

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