The rules of electronic devices on board

It is time that gadget lovers will be able to read their e-book, play their favorite games and watch videos and movies, inflight! Already the company JetBlue has allowed the use of portable devices in the aircraft. At the same time, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced that the U.S. has found that airlines are able to allow the use of portable electronic devices throughout the flight.

Due to differences between fleets and businesses, the application will vary between airlines, but the FAA expects that by the end of the year many companies will allow their passengers to safely use their devices on board of the aircraft. The FAA based its decision after the input of an expert group consisting of representatives from airlines, aviation manufacturers, responsible by the mobile phone industry, but also passengers, pilots and flight attendants. The result was that passengers will eventually be able to read e-books, play games and watch videos on their devices in all of the phases of the flight, with very few exceptions. Electronic devices should be placed in the front pocket of the seat during takeoff and landing.

Mobile phones should be in flight mode, since they may be used for dialing. If the carrier offers Wi-Fi service during the flight, passengers can use this service. They also use short range accessories like Bluetooth and wireless keyboards. The Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC) concluded that most commercial aircraft can tolerate interference signals, originating from portable electronic devices.

However passengers have to follow some rules:

Electronic devices on board

Electronic devices on board

1) Make safety your first priority.

2) The changes relating to portable devices, will not be applied immediately and will vary depending on the airline. Before your trip contact your airline to see if you can use your devices.

3) The current policy remains in effect until the airline completes its safety assessment which means to get approval from the FAA and change its policy.

4) Mobile phones can’t be used for voice calls.

5) The devices must be used in flight mode. You can use the WiFi connection on your device if the plane has installed WiFi system and the airline allows its use. You can also continue to use short range accessories such as Bluetooth and wireless keyboards.

Gadget use on board

Gadget use on board

6) Place your devices under the seats or in special cases during takeoff and landing.

7) When updating security listen carefully the instructions of the crew.

8) It only takes a few minutes to place your devices securely in accordance with the instructions of the crew during takeoff and landing.

9) In some cases, low visibility, about one percent of flights landing some systems can not accept the operation of portable electronic devices.

10) Always follow the instructions of the crew and turn off your device, if requested.

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