The Perks of Having Free Antivirus Software

We know many users still can’t get over the latest Windows 10 update, but this geeky tech blog may not be so geeky or techy at all having nothing on free antivirus software. After all, what’s with the newest device or app when there’s tons of security and financial issues, right? So, here’s our take.

Friendly on Your Budget

Nothing is friendlier on your budget than software that literally costs nothing. That’s the primary edge that free antivirus has over paid ones. Of course, you might have to download those unnecessary add-ons, which you can deactivate later on anyway. So there’s really no issue here.


Provides Basic Protection

Regular users don’t really need those complicated security measures that most paid antivirus carry. Threats are inevitable, but most free antivirus are enough to counter those threats at the basic level including virus attacks and malware threats. What’s more exciting is that most premium versions are actually given out for free testing over a couple of days or weeks, so you can use an upgraded version without shedding any money.

Hassle-Free Software Testing

While you can’t use two or more free antivirus software simultaneously, uninstalling them to make room for just one is not much of a hassle considering there’s no money involved and it takes only a few seconds. The good part is that if you don’t like your current free antivirus, you can always switch to another, no strings attached.


Choosing free antivirus over paid one is a constant debate, but it all depends on the user, whatever his or her personal preference may be. If you are a regular user with not much Internet activity other than simple surfing and streaming (no visits to suspicious sites and no downloading of suspicious files), a free antivirus with basic protection could be all you need.

Like most software developers, we recommend trying out free versions first. See for yourself how well it works for you, and if you ever need greater protection, switch to another free version or use free trial of an upgrade. If you’re still unsatisfied, you know it’s time for a paid first-rate software.

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