The Nikon Z can theoretically accept f / 0.65 optics

The new Nikon Z attack was designed to prioritize light, the central theme of its entire pre and post ad campaign.

In a recent interview with the French online magazine Mizuwari, marketing director Nicolas Gillet of Nikon France said that the main limitation to the Nikon F system is the ability to support autofocus lenses with a maximum aperture of f / 1.4.

The Nikon Z system redefines the standards, pushing theoretically (according to the calculations of the technicians who developed it) to a focal ratio of f / 0.65. This is an extreme value, which we do not currently find in any perspective; the certain data is however that they will reach short focal lengths with openings lower than f / 1.
At the presentation of the Nikon Z system, the Japanese manufacturer has announced the development of a Nikkor 58mm f / 0.95 Noct, while some rumors report the development of a 52mm f / 0.9 and a 36mm f / 1.2.