The Latest Android Games to Go Crazy About

While Clash of Clans remains a popular mobile game, it’s not the only thing that’s making waves in the world of Android games. This year shows a lot of promise for gamers of all kinds, and early on to the second quarter, some of the best Android games are already taking new grounds.

Roll the Ball

For puzzle game-lovers out there, Roll the Ball is a current favorite. Because it requires physics and engineering to win, it definitely does a good job of training your brain and keeping you actively focused. The goal is simple, to get the ball from start to the finish line by connecting together tiles with or without tubes.


Defense Zone 2 HD

Are you looking for a serious game filled with challenges and obstacles? This realistic tower-defense game would bring out the military soldier and tactician in you. With a military-inspired theme, and weapons to boot, building a tower and defending it would be something you’d want to do all day.

Dragon Heroes

As shooter RPGs go, Dragon Heroes offers some of the best elements in mobile gaming. It is essentially a vertical scrolling shooter that is inherently simple, but with a lot of depth. The colors and graphics are amazing, with lots of buttons to press on the menus. It has a nice arcade vibe with an arcade-like concept. You need to progress through different levels to unlock a variety of heroes and upgrade your skills. The ultimate goal is to save Dragonia from dragons. The most satisfaction comes from blasting away at dragons.


The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

Oh yes, another Android game inspired by the popular zombie-based TV series. The only difference is that Road to Survival promises a rich gaming experience. The missions and raids outside the base are more interactive and involving. Dynamic functions also add to the game’s appeal.

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