Tech Togs with Hidden Secrets

Wearable tech is all the rage these days, from Google Glass to iWatch. But some tech togs are less conspicuous than others, with some even belying what they really are. Wondering what these wearable devices are?



The Ring is the epitome of a computer at your fingertips, or make that around your finger. Despite looking like a regular ring, it actually packs a punch. This fashionable technology lets you control home appliances and apps using custom gestures. You can even write text by simply writing letters on air with your finger. You have to admit, it’s downright amazing.

Wireless In-Ear Headphones

The Dash Headphones look more like something spies or security personnel would wear, but without the curled wires. Although it doesn’t enable you to communicate with someone from the other end, it does more than just let you listen to music. It also measures your body temperature, heart rate, calories burned and speed.

GPS Bracelets

A Cuff may look like any fashionable bracelet, but it’s actually a smart device that will launch compatible iOs and Android apps. Its primary function, however, is a GPS that, when connected with other Cuffs, will vibrate at a press of a button. It’s marketed as a tool that grabs attention or alerts other Cuff-wearers of an emergency.

Glucose Level Monitor

Hand holding - zoomed in

What is it with Google and eyewear? This glucose monitor from Google is a contact lens that measures blood sugar levels through the wearer’s tears. Although still in development, this tech tog is a boon to diabetic patients, since it alerts of decreasing glucose levels. When the Google Glucose Monitoring Contact Lenses go on sale, patients can say goodbye to painful finger pricking.

Smart Diapers

Although makers of the Smart Diapers say they’re not planning to jump into the wearable tech bandwagon, they’re definitely doing something wonderful. Based on the data gathered from the baby’s poop, the Smart Diaper tests hydration level, kidney function, and possible UTI.