Summer App | Fubles finds friends for 5×5 football

Summer App? For owners of the iPhone remained in the city could be Fubles, a kind of a social network designed to organize football matches between strangers, challenge between teams and so on. You do not need the iPhone, however, you can submit for a role in a team which can be also directly from the site, or you can arrange the game in the first person and invite their friends. Just yesterday I had drawn up a list of app for Android holiday and it is a pity that this is not there (maybe it will be in the future.

5x5 application

5×5 application

The app was created by a group of Italians – any doubts? The app then was sold to a big advertising agencies which opts to sell digital downloads via a website reseller. Today I received a press release in which you first match organized for August: 150 of which as many as 70 in the city of Milan, and the other between Bologna, Rome and Turin with an average of 20 games per city. Then it goes gradually to all the other major centers.
You will see that this social will be useful in the future. You can also create your own club and challenge other teams. Obviously, report cards and teasing on the site is the main rule.