Streamline Your Business with Four Effective Apps in the Market

According to a market information group, there will be a 90 percent surge of users of business smartphone apps by the year 2016. Consumers, businesses and employees are the three sectors said to comprise this group. With developers offering hundred of apps in the market for free or for a fee, it helps to know which ones will be quite helpful.

Here are some of the apps you can try to streamline your business:


This sales CRM and pipe management application is suited for freelancers, non-profit organizations and small and mid-sized enterprises. If you are looking for an app that can help keep your sales on track, access you campaigns and funnels in a jiffy, this is to-go app. You can trace contact leads, forward email, create activity alerts and other tasks you need to do with this easy-to-learn business application.



Are you an owner of a service-based small company looking for an app for accounting? This is ideal for entrepreneurs who need to operate their business even outside the office. Its features include online invoicing, time and expense tracking, accounting reports and taxes, among others. This app also lets you attach receipts either in PDF or image for your reimbursement needs.


If you want an app you can use to save your files, images, notes and documents, you can download Evernote, if it is still not in your tablet or smartphone. By learning how to navigate this app, it will be easier to get organized and accomplish more work in your to-do list.



Do you always go on business trips and find it hard to communicate with your team when it comes to work progress? This app makes it possible for you to know the status of a current project and follow up with your staff as well as escalate jobs.

Technology has definitely made life easier for most people, at home and at the office. By knowing which apps are available out there, streamlining your business can be done even if you are always on the go.