Sony FMP-X1 | The 4k Media Player will come in summer

The Japanese company takes advantage of the exhibition space offered by appointment of the annual NAB Show currently being held in Las Vegas, to present to the public what are now its best proposals with regard to the Ultra HD movie playback quality. These also include the final version of media player FMP-X1. The device will be released during this summer and will cost $ 699 which will be inclusive of a package containing 10 films.

The Media Player

Some of the devices presented today in a final release by Sony had already been spotted several months ago during the course of CES 2013 also held in Las Vegas. The Japanese company has in fact disclosed some details about its new line of 4K TVs that will come out on April 21 in the United States under the name of Sony BRAVIA XBR and will have a starting price of 5000 €.



The Media Player FMP-X1, only a prototype when it was brought at CES 2013 receives its share of the spotlight. Of course, the station dedicated to the films in Ultra HD fits perfectly with the new 4K TV and represents the best that Sony currently has to offer. Along with it in the listed price of $ 699 will also have a collection of 10 films offered by Sony.

FMP-X1 Films

FMP-X1 Films

The distribution service

As part of the experience tied with FMP-X1, Sony also has plans to launch a video distribution service. Obviously, the distribution will cover films and TV shows as 4k and the Japanese company emphasizes its partnership with the Tribeca Film Festival through which it intends to promote this service. There are no information on the final cost of your purchase for the films and the only information provided on the arrival of this distribution system indicates an undefined time in the spring for its arrival.

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