Some of the Coolest New Gadgets That You Can Have in Your Office

An office can be a dull, drab and totally boring space. However, this should not be the case as it could hinder good performance and productivity. One good way to make it more enjoyable to work in is adding in some cool gadgets.

  • Solar USB Charger

This handy little gizmo is basically a battery that gets power from solar energy to recharge any of your chargeable devices, such as tablets and mobile phones. This is ideal of you need a spare charge from time to time.

  • Silent Mouse


Making a mouse that does not produce a clicking sound has proven to be very difficult, but now, it has become a real thing. With it, you can say “good bye” to that sometimes annoying sound or will never again let your boss notice you frantically minimizing the many windows you are trying to close as he makes it to your station to see what you are doing!

  • Digital Smart Pen

This is truly an awesome gadget to have when you do a lot of writing, especially during a meeting. As you can see, this pen can record audio and convert your writing into digital format that you can load on a computer.

  • USB Mail Notifier

With this little gadget, you will be able to link to your messaging and email clients and will know when you have received a new message or email without the need to bring it up. This is very useful when you have single-monitor configurations and need to monitor your email on a frequent basis.


  • Privacy Filter

By using a privacy filter, you will be able to foil the plans of your nosey co-workers who try to come around your workstation and see what you are doing.

With these gadgets, you can transform your office into one that is not just appealing, but also more efficient!


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