Skype video messages | Unlimited and free

So many of you have been familiar with Skype for years and maybe used it on a regular basis. Likewise, you will know that when it is impossible to make a video call, but you wanted to share an important moment with friends, family or colleagues, it was not possible.

Videomessages from 3 minutes

Starting today there is a solution. Skype unveiled the long awaited video messages that allow you to send short video when the person you are looking for is not available. As soon as you connect with Skype, video message will be delivered as if it were a normal text message and only you can view it. Not only that but you can also choose to display it in full screen.

Skype video Message Option

Skype video Message Option

Sending them is easy

Recording a message is very easy. Once the contact to send the video to is chosen just click on video message, register it, you have up to 3 minutes, then send just click the envelope. The message can be associated with a title and a short description.

Skype video Message

Skype video Message

Affected platforms

Initially the service is available free of charge for Windows and Mac platforms but also for mobile Windows Phone 8 iOS, Android and BlackBerry. There is nothing to do on clients and applications already installed. The function is already available for all of those above. In a first phase of beta which began last February the limitation was 20 free messages per month and for further ones you were required to pay your premium.

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