Significant Pokemon Go Items Worth the Purchase

If you are an avid fan of mobile app games, you must have noticed that after playing a certain game for some time, the items for sale in the game’s store become less and less useful. This is exactly what’s happening with Pokemon Go. After several weeks on top the download charts, the popular game from Niantic has dropped in ratings as the top grosser in Apple’s iOS store. It was toppled by Clash Royale. Nevertheless, there are still some items Pokemon Go players will find significant in their quest to complete the game.


Here are some items to consider:


To become a more efficient player, this is one item worth investing in. With more incubators, you are able to potentially increase the number of eggs you hatch, from one to nine. Although the number of eggs still relies on the randomized hatching system, incubators remains to be a good buy.


If you live in an area with few PokeStops, these items are significant because these are important in catching Pokemon characters and without them, you can’t catch anything. But if you live in the city, these items might not be as relevant. You might even have to get rid of them for more space for your other purchases. Moreover, as you go higher on your level, Ultra Balls and Great Balls are what you need.

Lucky Eggs

To maximize XP efficiency, it is imperative to save up for the evolution and pop a Lucky egg. It is also wise to get between 20K and 50K experience in just 30 minutes during mass evolution of what is in your list like Blastoise and Pidgeys. In a month, a number of Lucky Eggs will help you along the way.


While other players think Lures are not worth purchasing in the long run, these are still important in terms of engaging in social activities with your friends who are also in the same location where you are.

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