Samsung will launch a fingerprint reader in only a year

A fingerprint reader by Samsung? The answer is yes but in a year. The company would contact one of the leading Korean manufacturers of fingerprint scanner in order to develop a technology that is able to overcome what Apple has developed with Touch ID, the objective is not because Samsung wants to overdo it as usual but because we all know that Apple signed that the sensor is not as safe as they want us to believe. The company contacted by the Koreans is called Crucialtec and is an ace in the industry, the point is that not always the axes have ready made solutions. The company in question in effect would ask the manufacturer of smartphones and tablets as well as a year’s time, according to a researcher told by Hyundai. The aim would be to develop a technology not only safer but also more sophisticated so impenetrable it could succeed. Could be.

Samsung Fingerprint reader

Samsung Fingerprint reader

According to Yoon Jung Sun, the researcher that we have mentioned, it is not this, however what should be of interest to companies in the sector is the impression in short. It is that of a frantic race against time for something that perhaps consumers may not use either. In fact, think about it well. What is a fingerprint reader among other things that are not completely sure? How many of us would use it really? More than just a useful thing, in fact it seems like the trend of the moment and as such, manufacturers cannot fail to take advantage.

According to the researcher, Apple, Samsung and the rest of the producers must focus on other news. In our opinion, however, the only real major innovation that a company could do is to offer a powerful smartphone in affordable price. Then yes, we would talk about revolution!

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